Tuesday, 9 March 2010

BBC School Report 2010

We hope you enjoy our broadcast for BBC School Report 2010.

Part 1 is our local story and half of the international news.

Part 2 is the rest of the international story and the sports report.

The full quality version, including the local report can be viewed in school on parents evening.
There will also be a special class assembly for parents at which the whole broadcast will be shared.
Did you listen to Radio Orkney this morning?
Listen again below.

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  1. Well done everybody. I loved the attention you paid to the big world issues as well as local matters. Good for you for putting our MP on the spot. It's also wonderful how many sports you all take part in. Now I'm off to watch the videos all over again.

    Leslie Manson
    Director of Education and Leisure Services

  2. I was impressed with the report and liked the additional information about how you learned the skills needed to be able to take on the roles for producing and presenting a TV broadcast.

    I heard you this morning not only on Radio Orkney but also on Radio Scotland. Well done all.

    Morag Miller

  3. That's a fantastic report - well done! Really nice mix of stories, well thought through and perfectly presented.

    I particularly liked the Peedie Sea paths story.

    Good luck to you all. If any of you decide in the future that you would like to consider a career in broadcasting then feel free to speak to your teacher about arranging to come in for a chat.

    Fionn McArthur

  4. Well done!!
    It was great to hear such mature, thoughtful reporting from such young people.

    I liked the Peedie Sea story, too, and was interested to learn about the seats.

    Keep up the good work...

    Isobel Irvine

  5. Hi Glaitness. Great reporting and very informative. I agree there should be more programmes for young people, by young people. Can Radio Orkney give you a regular slot? I would certainly listen! Looking forward to the next report.

    Tina Smith

  6. Congratulations primary 7. You produced a great report, further developed your skills and had fun at the same time.It might just inspire that career in journalism and broadcasting.

    Well done.

    Angela Rosie

  7. Well guys that is nothing short of fantastic.It is so good to see you all, we can't quite believe how much some of you have changed in 15 months, we miss you all loads but life is great down under for our family. Keep up the good work.
    Well done
    The Sinclair Family.
    (Susan, David, Robin, Harry and Bethan)

  8. How professional! Very well done Glaitness P7 - its obvious a lot of carefull planning and hard work went into these reports. Great use of technology and genuinely interesting. I'm quite blown away. It'll be hard to improve on next year!
    Best wishes to you all.
    Graham Bleakley, Rendall.

  9. Well done Glaitness P7. I really enjoyed my interview session with you all and I am very impressed with the finished product. If only every news programme that I dealt with could be as professional as this!

    Alistair Carmichael MP

  10. A good job well done P7s! You've taken full advantage of a fantastic opportunity to learn a range of media skills.